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Inner dynamics of AAP

25, Apr 2014 By khakshar

Arvind Kejriwal after filing nomination from Varanasi claimed that Narendra Modi will loose his deposit in the General elections. Kejriwal seems to have  picked up similar claims have been made regards Rahul Gandhi losing his deposit in Amethi by Dr. Kumar Viswas.  While Viswas has come out openly against Arvind and accused him of  plagiarism and stealing his “two-liners”. Arvind has totally rejected the claims saying that “Ilmi” and “Viswas” can not ever restrict themselves to two lines only.

It is however learnt that the real reason is Arvind seeing the response Viswas is getting  in Amethi.  Arvind , the master of “U Turns” was of the view that he and Dr.Viswas could change candidature with  each other. This has made Viswas  livid, angry  and more vocal.

Of course no news of AAP can be complete without mention of the spell master. Meanwhile Ms.Ilmi has redefined “communal-ism”  and is quite angry at Ashutosh at jumping the gun and calling action .It is learnt that knowing the inner politics of “TV Anchor-ism” , he has asked Arvind to directly attack Arnab  Goswami . The design is to attack Arnab , so that the anchor’s popularity could help Arvind as people of “Varanasi” relate more to “Arnab” thinking him of  descendant of “Gosai”.

PS- Some of it may not be so faking.  It is ironical that “Ashutosh” is Kashi born.