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Indo-Pak war under AAP govt

08, Apr 2014 By bdc0421

It is 1 month since the new AAP govt has taken over. People are enjoying free electricity in places where energy is STILL AVAILABLE as half of the power comapnies had to shut down for not being able to bear the burden of free electricity.

AAP Activists
Ready to fight with Pakistan.

The water level in rivers have gone down because free water availability often makes people forget to close the tap or use water wisely. BSE and NSE in nostalgic mood. BSE trying to cross 10000 mark. Reliance shares trading in Rs 100 per share. AP, Orissa and WB are flourishing in ARMS business under the capable guidance of AAP leader and Law Minister Sabyachi Panda (Former Naxal leader) . Everything is good and as expected under AAP rule.

It was 10 PM in the night and PM Kejriwal was about to take rest after a hectic DHARNA day when his Secretary informed that Pak army has attacked India in Kashmir. Our PM didn’t waste time and immediately called for a press conference where he decalred that the attackers are not Pak army but group of BJP workers who are funded by Ambani and Adnani. He assured the press that he will investigate the issue in his charismatic style “Hum iski poori jaanch karwayenge“.

When the Indian army was suppose to be in full action, it was our CBI and CID who were spying the BJP leaders and Ambani’s.

Pak army took advantage of this situation and in next two days Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand are under Pak army’s control.

Realising the situation, our honest PM Kejriwal now called upon his Home Minister Prashant Bhushan and Defence Minister Somnath Bharti to discuss and they finally come up with their plans and strategy.

After the meeting, a press conference is again held and Prashant Bhushan announces that we will go for referendum in Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakhand and let the people decide if they want to stay with India or pakistan.

On the other hand Kejriwal announces that a new website and sms poll service has already been started and the common people should vote to decide if India should go for a dialogue with pakistan or fight a  war against it.

PM also announces that based on the outcome of the sms poll the govt will decide its next step, he added : “Agar aam janta bolegi to hum Pakistan ko attack karenge, agar aam aadmi chahegi to hum Pak se baat karenge.

The SMS poll and its result are analyzed very fast that before Pak army could go beyond Punjab and Haryana, the AAP govt and its honest PM Kejriwal have the public opinion in hand.

On the other hand, the Defence Minister Somnath Bharti has already left for the border. He has taken control of the army and war strategy.

Somnath Bharti has a two step plan : 1) Firstly he will use his company to send spam emails to all Pakistan army officials to confuse them and 2)  Attacking pakistan on battle field.

But the Army General refused to take orders from Somanth on war strategy arguing that it is beyond his jurisdiction. The army is standstill due to a deadlock between Law Minister and Army general.

When the news about Army General refusing to take order from Somnath Bharti reached Kejriwal, he immediately orders a mufler online from Flipkart.com (one day delivery option.)

Why new muffler??? Come’on Kejriwal will sit on a dharna demanding the resignation of Army general.He needs new mufler for a new Dharna.

Days passed on, India is now reduced to almost half geographically as Pak army takes over UP , Bihar after Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhandand, Punjab and Haryana and marching towards EAST where it is expected to meet its conterpart Bangladesh which is planning to attack India from EAST.

To be continued……