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India’s unique contribution to science after “Raman effect” – The “Kejri effect”

14, Jan 2014 By trishanku

A team of social scientists from Harvard is in Delhi these days to study the latest contribution of India to science – what is now being called the “Kejri effect”. While the Raman effect was a landmark contribution to physics, “Kejri effect” has been termed as a landmark contribution to sociology.

Some of its remarkable consequences that have already been documented by the team are:

i) Deflection in the path of leaders towards shelter homes. ii) Removal of ‘lal batiis’ from their vehicles and Z- category security in their homes iii) Stoppage of their cars at traffic lights. iv) Going out among common people to redress their grievances. v) Taking the opinion of citizens on public matters vi) Removing corruption from government offices

FN correspondent has learnt that the Harvard team is trying to identify the “catalysts” that will ensure that “Kejri effect” lasts long and percolates into “thicker skinned” politicians in India and abroad. The team refused to divulge the nature of these catalysts before these are patented.