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India’s GDP picked up after Modi took Manmohan Singh’s advice, claims Rahul Gandhi

03, Jun 2015 By MRP

“I have always been saying this, but nobody believed me. Look at what happened. Modi took Dr. Singh’s advice on economy and India’s GDP growth rate shot up the next day.”

This is what Rahul Gandhi had to say in reaction to the news report that Indian GDP for April 2015 stood at 7.5%. When asked what exactly he meant by this, Rahul Gandhi explained, “If his advice alone, that too to a reluctant and cynical Prime Minister delivered results overnight, imagine what would have happened if Mr. Singh himself was the PM. Our economy would have overtaken that of all the countries put together. It would have been in the range of several hundred percent, not a mere 7.5.”

Rahul Gandhi
“Our GDP would have grown by several hundred percent if Manmohan was the PM”

Amused by the logic used by Rahul, some economists asked him how GDP growth could have been so high under anybody’s prime ministership. Rahul said, “It is simple. We achieved exactly that under MMS rule. For ten years, every quarter we achieved about 5% growth in GDP, that is for forty quarters in a row. Doesn’t that amount to 200%?”

The economists wondered where they went wrong all these years and vowed to go back to school to relearn fundamentals.

As the news spread of Dr. Singh’s doing wonders for Indian economy, even when he is out of power, reporters asked him what advice he gave Modi on Indian economy, that resulted in an overnight miracle. Singh clarified, “Oh no! I did not give him any advice. In all the years I stayed in 7RCR, I was never allowed to open my mouth. I thought that at least now I can talk something in that house and accepted Mr. Modi’s invite. In fact I don’t even remember what all I said, but am happy that I did talk something. Also, when I left 7RCR a year ago in a hurry, I had left some luggage there. I picked it up this time. And let me tell you, the tea was awesome!”