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"Indian youth using L-Mao & ROFL-Mao to express their happiness shows they respect China" - Modi

16, May 2015 By manithan

Beijing: Prime Minister Modi, in his speech to Chinese and Indian audience, mentioned about the attachments of Indian Youth to the Chinese history.

Modi started the speech with, “Bhai Lee yon aur Behen Lee yon” and then continued, “India and China are neighbors in both historical and geographical senses. China had always tried to interfere with India in both these senses. But, we are trying to catch them up in both census and sensex.” There was loud applause from the Indian crowd.

Before the speech, in a visit to Great Wall of China, Xi Jinping said,
Before the speech, in a visit to Great Wall of China, Xi Jinping said, “Look, this is our Great Wall. It is visible from Moon.” For that, Modi retorted showing Kejriwal’s pic “Look, this is our KejriWall. He is visible by his Junoon.”

He continued, “I invite Chinese industrialists to manufacture in India. If I could explain Make in India in our historical angle, Bodhi dharma from India came to China and taught martial acts to Chinese. That was Made in China. Jackie Chan came to India to shoot a film. That was Make in India. Moreover, Chinese products are made fun in India. Why not remove that fun and convert it into ‘Made in India’? Then, nobody will make fun of those products, as they would be indigenous. It is a chin-win for you.”

After the applause got over, he continued, “Indian youth love Chinese leaders a lot. Even when our youth try to express their happiness online, they use L-Mao and ROFL-Mao. That was an allude to your respected Mao Tse Tung. This shows our respect to Chinese politicians. If you want to show respect to Indian leaders in your restricted Internet forums, you can use MohanLOL Gandhi. That was a purposeful gaffe,  Indian media!”. As Modi said the last line, the whole of Indian crowd went into frenzy shouting ‘Modi! Modi!’.

“Already, few Indian leaders are famous here in China, I presume. For example, Jawaharlal Nehru..” as Modi paused with a smile, the whole of Chinese audience stood up and applauded. He concluded the speech with an acronym, “Mit-chinon, do you know what China stands for? CHINA stands for Country of Han In North Asia! You might wonder why I mentioned North Asia. Because Bhai-hu-on, Asia is only India and China, so India is South Asia and China is North Asia.”

Meanwhile, Modi’s indirect teasing of Nehru drew ire from Congress and other opposition parties here. But Communists and TMC were unable to protest against the Modi’s speech because of obvious reasons.