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Indian Parliament officially declares 'Jokepal' as Indian word of the year 2013

17, Dec 2013 By amrrs

After Oxford dictionary recently announced that ‘Selfie’ is word of the year 2013, Indian Parliament officially declared that ‘Jokepal’ as Indian word of the year 2013.

Upon hearing the news, Mr. Anna Hazaar, the official promoter of the word ‘Lokpal’, announced a nation-wide fasting against Government’s rejection of the word ‘Lokpal’.

Rejecting Mr. Anna’s, Parliament Spokesman said, ‘Lokpal was never in the competition and it’s actually ‘Baith jaiye’ which was a leading contender’ and he also said, ‘the selection was purely made on merit basis because the word ‘Jokepal’ scored more than any other word in Social media among Indians’.

But Faking News have understood that the reason behind the selection of ‘Jokepal’ is that Mr. Arvind Kejriwala, the popular IIT alumnus-cum-Politics Intern, spelt the word ‘Jokepal’ in a press meet and immediately both BJP and Congress party-men (who were actually waiting outside press meet hall) started shouting ‘Kejriwala ki Jai! Jokepal ki Jai’, thus the Parliament unanimously declared ‘Jokepal’ as India word of the year 2013.

Meanwhile Congress’ uncrowned Prince Mr. RG torn up the Parliament’s press release saying it’s a complete non-sense and Samajwadi Party members have already started protesting outside the Parliament saying that ‘Jokepal is not a pure Hindi word and it’s shameful to announce a Hinglish word as Indian word of the year’.