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Indian national dish : upma or khichdi?

24, Jun 2017 By purple rain
Upma made of Khichdi?
Upma made of Khichdi?

New Delhi: Tamil director few days ago demanded Upma to be declared as the national dish in a humorous way. Without knowing the context there was a huge uproar about Upma on social media. Now the uproar has taken the form of a huge protest. As per our reports, protesters in Tamil Nadu have started Dosa Bachao Andolan. Similarly in west Bengal Rasgulla army has given a call for 12 hours strike. “Only thing that people are buying today is Rasgulla”, said a restaurant owner in Kolkata.

Yesterday a massive protest broke out in Gujarat in support of declaring dhokla as national dish. our reporter talked to the protesters at Ahmedabad. One of the members of the Dhokla Sena said, “Everyone should stand up before eating Dhokla”. Another member said, “Anyone spotted throwing away Dhokla should be arrested”. Looking at the sensitivity of the issue prime minister Modi has called cabinet meeting tonight.

“In the cabinet meeting pm will decide on the national dish of India. after that a new bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha”, clarified a BJP spokesperson. “If samosa is not declared as national food then I would sit on a Dharna and demand resignation of PM”, said furious Arvind Kejriwal. We tried to take the reaction of Rahul Gandhi but he remained unavailable.

as per our sources Khichdi currently is leading the race. Dear readers remember that you first read it here.