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Indian Man Denied Visa to Bharat

04, Jan 2013 By docsuppandi

The India-Bharat controversy took a turn for worse this morning when Mr. Arun Verma, a software engineer from India was denied visa to enter Bharat.

Mr. Verma, when interviewed by our reporters at Bombay, said that he was born and brought up in India and wanted to go to Bharat to watch a cricket match betweeen Bharatiya cricket team and the British. He had become a fan of the Bharatiya cricket team after watching Bhuvan defeat the British. He claims that the visa was denied to him as the company he was working with, hired women who wore make up.

A highly placed Bharatiya government official who requested to be anonymous said that Bharat had maintained a zero crime rate against women. Barring a certain vastra-haran incident at a game of dice, the bharatiya naris face no harassment from the men. He did not want the Indians to come and corrupt the morals of the innocent Bharatvasis.

This incident comes as a big blow to the India-Bharat diplomacy. The Indian government has decided to suspend all cricket ties with Bharat.