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Indian kabootars better than Amazon drones, claims Rahul Gandhi

07, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Speaking to reporters at the Press Club of India, Mr. Gandhi said that Indian pigeons or ‘kabootars’ were far more advanced than the drones Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO had said were in development and would take about five years to bring to fruition. Mr. Gandhi, who has a fondness for taking recourse to animal kingdom analogies to try and explain his thoughts, made the contentious claim while trying to defend economic development under the UPA II regime.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi saying bye bye to the pigeon after sending it off.

“All this talk of no economic growth and development under UPA 2’s regime is nonsense,” Mr. Gandhi said in response to a question from this Faking News reporter. “Consider this… Amazon is going to take five years to develop drones that can deliver goods. We have had this technology for more than fifty years… by way of our Indian kabootars, who are capable of finding addresses and delivering letters. In fact, I have personally asked all ministries and government departments to stop using un-Indian methods of communication like emails and start using kabootars, which cannot be intercepted by US spy agencies as well.”

“Unlike drones, I believe kabootars have a better chance of attaining escape velocity as well,” Rahul concluded.