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Indian government to provide free net recharge to Facebook admins who promotes NaMo posts

14, Jul 2014 By vishwasnyaik

Day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Brazil visit, an unexpected declaration came from the ruling party. Government will soon provide free internet recharges to those Facebook page admins who promote Narendra Modi’s posts.

The declaration brings smile to those Facebook admins who selflessly shares and promotes Narendra Modi supporting posts. The government spokesperson says that this will help poor unemployed single page admins to cover the internet charges. Moreover, many critics consider that it will have significant effect in the next elections and will help Narendra Modi to brand himself better.

The government will soon publish first list of Facebook page and its admins who will get free recharge and then it will be published on quarterly basis. This scheme will be called as “Lal Krishna Free data scheme” and soon there will be a separate ministry to regulate this.  BJP was always shown considerable penchant towards the internet marketing and wants this scheme to start right after the election, but they were unable to decide this scheme will come under which ministry.

Some says it is related to Information broadcasting while few others relate it to Labor ministry.  Still the matter is not resolved and till the time it is been decided scheme will be regulated under supervision of Arun Jaitely.

Opposition party did not give any reactions for it and sources said that congress members are busy in making NaMo supporting pages.  Let’s see how many of us will get benefited from the scheme and what will be the consequences of it.