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Indian government to auction rupee on OLX

29, Aug 2013 By marupelkar

Finance minister has announced that Rupee will be sold on OLX to improve the condition Indian economy. This much awaited decision was finally taken after considering several options like Ebay, Quickr, Amazon etc. Flipkart refused to sell rupee since it only sells 100% genuine brand new products.

Chidambaram quoted “I know this is a hard decision for all of us. We loved our currency very much and we recently made a sign for it. But after looking at OLX ads and seeing how much happy people are after selling their old stuff, We …err…actually Madam ji has decided to sell our currency on OLX.”

Decision has been welcomed by small farmers and private citizens alike. “Now i can buy land and there will be no scam. If there is no currency, no body will be able to count how much worth of land i have bought and sold,” said the smallest farmer from DLF Gurgaon.

Similar reactions are coming from several economist who have praised the decision. “The No-Currency economy is our biggest move ahead after globalization steps taken in 1991. When an arm gets infected you have to cut it off. Similarly, To eliminate the negative sentiment of falling rupee we need to get rid of Rupee itself.”

While concerns are being raised by some experts on the decision of choosing the site as OLX. “There are very good other sites and i think favoritism has been given to certain parties involved.  We demand a CBI investigation in the matter. There is a possible OLX-gate waiting for us”.

Govt of India has rubbished these claims. “The decision of choosing the sites was purely emotional and there is no reason and logic behind it. At no point any thoughtful decision was taken during last 6 months regarding anything. So, these allegations that certain parties were favored are completely baseless…Just like falling rupee…Ha Ha Ha!” chuckled the now relieved FM.

There are still concerns about the price we will get on OLX but a large section of economists is relieved looking at their advertisement which says “sell at a good price”. Also, it is yet to be decided if Sonia Gandhi’s ID will be used to make the sell as it might attract foreign investors from Italy. FM said that all possible options are being considered and the decision will be soon taken by Madam ji.