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Indian Coffee House Waiter misjudged as Om Prakash Chautala, caught

22, Jan 2013 By krisraj

In a race incident here in Haryana, DYSP Arun Jay who played an important role in nailing Om Prakash Chautala,leader of the Indian National Lok Dal political party caught an Indian Coffee House waiter who resembled Mr Chautala.

Mr Jay told Faking news that he was “stunned” to see the criminal politician serving Veg Cutlet and Coffee on his table.

“I ordered for a cutlet and coffee.And there he was,near my nose with the food.I was taken aback.I caught him and handed over to the department”, said Mr Jay.

Mr.Chautala was arrested after a Recruitment scam broke out. ” We are also investigating on whether there is any corruption involved in the Coffee house waiter recruitment as well”, said IG Mohan Krupesh.

meanwhile,waiters association has decided to make a slight change in he uniform by taking out the ‘masala dosa’ hat from the attire,after this incident.

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