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Indian apparel company, RedTape filed case against Prime Minister Narendra Modi

04, Oct 2014 By @Being_Humor

Indian Apparel Company has filed case in a Magisterial Court against Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi for using its name in his speeches in which he talked about cutting RedTape and offering red carpet to woo foreign investors.

Modi stunned

Company’s CEO told Faking News, “We have been in this Industry from past 12 years and by God’s grace we are doing good. I don’t understand why government has come against us all of a sudden. Previous government helped us a lot by doing free marketing; all the govt. offices were known for RedTape. We have made a good profit in 1st Quarter of this year, but then Modi started his foreign trip where he talked about slashing RedTape and our revenue dipped to the lowest. We didn’t expect this from Shri Narendra Modi ji, since after one of his speeches we started making shirts of 56 inches chest. We have filed case against him asking him to give reasons for deliberately defaming us at global level.”

When we talked to Shri Narendra Modi on the subject he giggled and said, “Hahaha.. they should consider this an opportune moment and rename their company to Red Carpet and start manufacturing red color carpets rather than filing case.”

Though Mr. Narendra Modi has not taken the case seriously, 65 Indian MLAs, who have written to President of Kenya to deny visa to him, are in no mood to spare him.

“To whomsoever it may concern. We wish to respectfully urge you to deny Mr. Modi a visa to the Kenya.”

Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi has said, “Politicians should think before saying” to which Amit Shah replied “look who is talking.”