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India won two world cups in our tenure, we are lucky for Indian cricket team: Rahul

26, Mar 2014 By Punit Hissaria

During launch of  manifesto, Congress PM in waiting Rahul Gandi has given some shocking facts about Congress achievements. Here it is straight out of his speech:

Rahul Gandhi
“Bhaiya bahut kuch kiya hai humne”

1. Khadya Suraksha bill:- Do you know why most of the government students are failing in exams, Khadya suraksha is the answer. Our mid day meal is so tasty and nutritious that most of the students don’t want to pass out from school. They want to enjoy it for their whole life. In regular parent meets we are getting amazing feedbacks like we want our children to be in school for life time so that they don’t struggle like us to get daily feeds,  Now our children are so healthy that they can carry their on bag. We are in discussion with minister of steel to increase iron content in the diet.

2. Manrega:- Look other countries has only two kind of jobs provider public sector and private sector. But in India we have come up with one new  Manrega sector. Manrega means work when your man (mind) wants. This is nothing to do with nation progress it just for people’s happiness. They can work or not but they will get salary. No other nation has dared to launch this. Even Manmohan ji is also part of this scheme that’s why initial of scheme name is taken from his name.

3. RTI:- Though we have passed this law back in 2005 but i can highlight this in every election for next 50 years. RTI has sent most of the corrupt congress ministers in jail and now we are left with all honest people. I have personally filed a RTI to PMO about “When manmohan last spoke.”

4. I have a lot of other things to speak like India won two world cup in our tenure. We are very lucky for Indian cricket. If you want many more cup’s like this you can select us. Movies revenue increased from 40 crore to 500 crore, Sachine also wanted to take retirement between our tenure. Lot more to say but I will speak some other time.