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India will be a Hindu nation by 2020, Pluto by 2050: VHP’s Ashok Singhal

19, Jul 2015 By baawraman

Congratulating the efforts of Hindu outfits and BJP (read Narendra Modi), Ashok Singhal said that by 2020, India will be a Hindu nation. He then talked about newly appointed Space-Wing of VHP, headed by highly distinguished Vedic scholars and astrologers. According to a detailed plan prepared by VHP’s space wing, they will launch a special space probe called “Nayi Disha“, which will explore the already explored space with a mission to convert the newly explored dwarf planet into a Hindu dwarf planet by 2050.

“I was sleeping peacefully in my luxurious apartment last night, and Clyde Tombaugh visited me in my dreams, told me how fascinating Hindu religion is,” he said while speaking to the media. “Clyde converted to Hinduism after his death and was not happy when scientists degraded Pluto’s status from a Planet to a dwarf planet,” Singhal added.

Mr. Singhal making the announcement

“Since, Hindu religion is a religion of unity and equality, we’ll convert Pluto to a Hindu planet which will bring back the glory of the icy ball called Pluto and I’m sure Clyde will be very happy with our dedicated work to unify the solar system,” Singhal said.

After converting Pluto, Nayi Disha will head towards Pluto’s largest moon, Charon for the conversion. If sources are to be believed, VHP is planning to change the nomenclature of the planet and its moons. Pluto and Charon will get new Hindu names.

“We’ve not finalized the names yet, we are working on it, taking suggestions from the panel which we constituted. Pulkit and Prahlad are the two suggestions which our panel suggested for Pluto. We’ll be doing a grand Naam-Karan Samaroh once we decide the names,” Singhal added.

While, the detailed plan to launch the probe is still not yet publically available, it is believed that the motto of Space probe ‘Nayi Disha” will be- “I don’t know you, but I’ll find you and convert you.”

According to our sources in space, the solar system has reacted positively to this news and it might come up with a “Total Hindu Solar System” concept in few years, and speculations are already on the rise that Jupiter might opt out from this grand “Hindu alliance”, reasons are still unknown.

NASA and other space agencies refused to comment on this news development.