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"India is a Road and Congress is a Pothole" - Rahul Gandhi

14, Sep 2013 By YearOfRat

Rahul Gandhi, while addressing a rally of transporters earlier today said, “India is like a road and Congress is like a pothole. You can not drive anywhere in India and not find any potholes, they are everywhere. They are on your street, your road, your highway, your pagdandi.”

When a person in the audience asked how are potholes a strength, Rahul said, “Let me ask you a question, what is more dangerous? A truck driving fast on the road or a truck which has to slow down due to potholes?”

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul telling making a pothole, err, point.

Rahul then demonstrated the power of a speeding truck by asking someone on the stage to run towards him as fast as he could, which sent Rahul flying off the stage. After recovering, Rahul asked senior Congress members present there to lay down on the stage and asked the person to run towards him again. The results were dramatically different this time, making the audience jump to their feet, chanting “Hmara neta kaisa ho, sadak ke pothole jaisa ho..

Twitter trends are going haywire while this report was being written up.

BJP camp was quick to recall Modi’s speech where he said that “Mein abtak sirf Congress ke banaaye gadde bhare hain.”

Congress camp on the other side were posting pics of potholes all across India as an unmatched achievement by any other govt, including from states which are under BJP rule. They claimed that even BJP was following the Congress model of development.

Sanjay Jha tweeted: “I am just glad to live in a time where a leader is willing to take a body-blow by a total stranger to show India’s strength.” followed by “Yes #TeamCongress, we are a pothole that will derail FekuExpress in 2014.”