Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

India files for divorce from ‘estranged’ PM Narendra Modi

08, May 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi. The citizens of Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India, as represented by the representatives of India, have filed a case of divorce from its ‘estranged’ Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. In a bizarre but true incident, this case was filed in the District Court of Jhumriya Taliya by Kavi Kranti, who is a B.A LLB and district convener of All India Rahul Gandhi Fan Club.

“For signing the divorce consent, I need to be in India!” Modi trolls Rahul Gandhi’s Lawyer.

Kavi Kranti in a statement said, “PM Modi has become an NRI Prime Minister. At the rate he has gone, he makes ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ looks like a building a bridge to moon and back. If he is always outside the country, how will the #AchheDin come? We got a PM who is never with us, it’s like a husband who is never with his newly wed bride. This is an ‘estranged’ relationship and must end.” On asked, what he meant by ‘estranged’, Kavi Kranti was somewhat ambiguous, “It is for the court to decide. My duty is done. The nation needs Rahul Gandhi.”

Serial PIL offender, Subramanian Swamy was all praises in concealment for this lawyer, “Kavi Kranti is the type of people I need as interns. Wow, what purity of thought! Well you know I can’t possibly support him, because he is stupid liar and once Modi Ji makes me the Finance Minister I will see to him that I double the tax for anyone who speaks against BJP. This may force him into becoming my intern.”

Meanwhile Arvind Kejriwal & Yogendra Yadav got into another scuffle on trying to decide who among them was always of the opinion that PM Modi is an ‘estranged’ PM of India.