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While India celebrated Kejriwal diwas, Congress still believes that it is Rahul Bawa Diwas

02, Apr 2017 By Kumar

New Delhi. India observed a successful Kejriwal Diwas across the country, and people fooled each other with harmony. The theme of this Kejriwal Diwas was “AAP Bewakoof hain” and Aam admi party also congratulated especially Delhi people, for making the theme successful. Lt. general has also sent a flower bouquet to Mr. Kejriwal and extend his well wishes to Arvind Kejriwal. But later in the day Mr. Kejriwal accused the Lt. governor that bouquet sent by Governor didn’t have a single flower.

"Thenga to Rahul Baba. Now 1st April is exclusive for me."
“Thenga to Rahul Baba. Now 1st April is exclusive for me.”

Mr. Kejriwal qouted, “Phool bhejne ke bahane fool banaya, Delhi ki janta maaf nahi karegi” (I was fooled on the name of flowers, people of Delhi will never forgive this). The shotgun of Arvind Kejriwal, Mr Manish Sisodia also attacked the BJP on this questioning the Government,”Will Modiji have CBI probe in this matter”?

Congress party have different narrative at all on this development, they objected the idea of observing the day as Kejriwal Diwas. Rather they proposed that it was Rahul Bawa Diwas, and should be celebrated with this spirit only. The party spokesperson Mr. Surjewala said that they believe that Rahul bawa have lots of potential and the day must be celebrate after him ,he is the real icon for the day. When the journalists tried to talk Rahul, he denied to comment saying that he is getting late for chhota Bheem and left for the party office.

Well so far even upto last year this day was celebrated as Pappu Diwas, but the shift in the trend was observed after the Kejriwal become active in politics. If Political analysts to be believed, that the coming up of Mr. Kejriwal in delhi is big blow to congress and Rahul. While Rahul seems to be less interested into this ruckus and he is more focused on Government failures. Rahul has accused governement in past for bringing BHIM app but not taking care of chota BHIM app which was also supposed to be launched by the government for kids..