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Independent MLA Rambir Shokeen to become CM of Delhi

13, Dec 2013 By nandakumar

The Lt.Governor of Delhi  who is under under huge pressure to install a government in Delhi, had fits and hallucinations after BJP and AAP declined his invitation to form a Government.

Recovering from this mental and medical suffering, he went into a deep huddle with his team of bureaucrats, to find out whether they were ready to handle the responsibility of running the administration in Delhi under Presidents rule. While a few of them declined saying that they did not have the mandate, others submitted a petition seeking transfer from Delhi on personal grounds. Remaining officials applied for immediate VRS.

After much deliberations and discussions the Lt.Governor has invited  Rambir Shokeen,the independent MLA to form the Government. True to his name the independent MLA who was “so keen” on Deputy Chief Minister post, readily agreed to become the Chief Minister. He claimed to be a true AAM AADMi as he was not attached to any party or principles or policies.

He was very confident that BJP, Congress  and AAP will support him in running the Government because they will be busy with Lok Sabha elections. He has informed the Lt.Governor that he will handle all the portfolios by himself and outsource tenders, funds , postings, transfers to his immediate relatives.

The swearing in is likely to take place on “somvaar” since the MLA was “so keen” on that auspicious day.

The Congress vice President stated that the Congress has to learn a lot from Shokeen and will form future  Congress Governments  in a way that no can imagine.

The lone JDU member has protested to the President that this a Political conspiracy hatched by BJP, to deprive him of the CM’s post. He petitioned the President to direct the Lt.Governor to cancel the invitation to Shokeen and invite  Shoaib Iqbal (the petitioner) to form the Government.

 The President has forwarded the petition to Home Minister Shinde who has promised to order an inquiry before the next elections.