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Inclusion of "Good-Morning-Message" in election campaign will be mandatory: Election Commission

10, Mar 2017 By bhasadeswar

New Delhi. Chief Election Commissioner- Mr. S. Y. Quraishi- announced concrete measures to safeguard the sanctity of election in India. He told that it was a much required step which should had been taken much before, however, the acrimonious and belligerent election campaigns of 2017 made it inevitable.

The EC has announced numerous measures but the one which has got most attention is the directive to include “Good-Morning-Message” in election campaign.

“It is quite understandable to get angry and forced to call names in such fiercely fought battles; however, the need to safeguard the sanctity of this “Mahakumbh of democracy” can also not be overlooked. This is where Good-Morning-Messages play a vital role. It is like currency of Sanskar and who does not want currency it this era of demonetization”, said Mr. Quraishi. “Do I need to explain  the effectiveness of Good-Morning-Messages in making a human being human every morning?” He asked rhetorically.

Akhilesh Yadav showing Good Morning message on the large projector screen
Akhilesh Yadav showing Good Morning message on the large projector screen

The directive says that every public address must start with at least 5 good-morning messages. The election commission is assured that inclusion of good-morning-message would help political parties to set their moral compass on a daily basis. The introduction of these messages in election campaign will help political parties to introspect for khud-ki-acchhai instead of incessantly fishing for dusron-ki-burai.

The EC also recommends creating WhatsApp groups and circulating these messages among karyakartas; however, this is not mandatory as the EC believes every Karyakarta must be a part of some family-WhatsApp group where good morning messages are forwarded more frequently than Santa-Banta jokes.

Political parties seem to be wary of the goodness good-morning-messages can spell on to their campaigns.

Arun Jaitley said, “The intention might be good; however, implementing it will be an act of fooling people. If a rally is scheduled in afternoon or evening hours and we start it with good-morning-messages; are we not betraying the people of India?”

Rahul Gandhi said, “The goodness of good-morning-messages might not help negative politics attain the escape velocity. Negative politics is a state of mind. I think women emancipation cannot be suitably used in this context, so, I give it a miss for a change. Oh no! I used it.”

Akilesh Yadav said, “Hum to Bua aur Chacha ki baat kartein hai.. Parivar mein rehne walon ko kya daroge good-morning-messages se!

Mayawati said, “Good-morning-messages are barking dogs which seldom bite. Kutta bhaunke hazar Haathi chale bazaar.”

Yogi Adityanath declared this as a biased attempt to target hindus by calling election “Mahakumbh of democracy”.

On a sidetrack, Suraj Barjatya has announced GM2 (Good Morning Messages) as a new project. He said, “It qualifies the super-goodness test which is a must for my movies and it’s trendy…even the name sounds so cool..GM2…OMG what else could I ask for.”