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In the new iOS 8 update, Kejriwal’s name auto-corrects to Dilip Kumar

05, Jun 2014 By Gaurav Mehrotra

In the recent keynote address in which Apple announced the launch of iOS8, CEO Tim Cook announced that they were extremely happy with the positive feedbacks that people have provided on their auto-correct feature which has changed the life of the people.

Kejriwal Ganga
“Mujhe drama queen hi rehne do”

One of our proud users sent in this message, “I was having an affair with my neighbor’s wife. One day I borrowed his car, which I accidentally bumped. When I tried to message him, here’s 9 times of How I bumped your car, it was auto-corrected to, here’s 9 seasons of How I banged your wife. Since then I have got the courage to always speak the truth, no matter how big the issue be. Thank you Apple. Thank you auto-correct.” Tim Cook then proceeded to show the selfie that the guy had took from his hospital bed.

Based on other such news, Apple has decided to expand their list of auto-corrected words. However the major update among this is how the name of India’s political party, AAP’s head honcho, Arvind Kejriwal’s name changes itself to famous bollywood tragedy king, Dilip Kumar.

“We wanted to be realistic and have real time updates in iOS8. For example, Selfie is now a word,” said Cook, who proceeded after taking a selfie, “And there was no better real time update then Kejriwal acquiring the moniker of drama queen king in India. People have been so hoodwinked by his party and acts that they managed to win in 4 seats in the recent Lok Sabha elections and lost their security in 414 seats. Even now while we speak, he is sitting in front of Delhi High Court on a dharna to take his bail back and go back to jail. At this rate Arvind Kejriwal Dilip Kumar might be the Prime Minister of India in the 2019 elections.”

When Arvind Kejriwal was told about this recent development, he broke his dharna, went into a shock and asked, “Meri itni aukaat kabse ho gayi?”