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In a major blow to BJP, Rahul Gandhi marries a Nigerian girl

03, Apr 2015 By abhikar

Unknown Location. In one of the strongest blows to Modi and the BJP government since it came to power last year, Rahul Gandhi has decided to give a fitting reply to union minister Giriraj Singh by deciding to marry a Nigerian girl.

Our sources says that reason for Rahul Gandhi’s current absence is because he is on honeymoon with his Nigerian wife.

People have started considering this marriage as a game-changer for Rahul’s career and Indian politics.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul in wedding dress

In fact, Digivijay Singh was quick to add that Congress was always a party of people who sacrificed their lives for the nation, and Rahul Gandhi too was sacrificing himself by marrying a Nigerian lady.

He further stated that with this step of Rahul Gandhi everyone was really happy. “No one questions his leadership quality now; Rahul Gandhi ji has arrived in politics,” he said.

When we asked a congress worker, he said, “We are happy that Rahul baba has got married, and happier that his wife is also a foreigner. It is difficult for an Indian to run a political party in India, and we need someone from outside.”

Experts confirm that people of India have started loving and respecting people of Nigeria after Rahul’s marriage. Somnath Bharti of APP has decided to apologize to Nigerian women whom he had mistreated in midnight raid. He offered them jobs of internal Lokpal.

Meanwhile everyone is curious to know more about Rahul’s bride. Sharad Yadav has especially asked for a meeting to take a closer look.

News channels have already found the Facebook account of bride and have brought experts on prime-time to  offer tips on how she can make her face from dark to fair using various Indian therapies or fairness creams.

Amidst all this, Faking News asked a close friend of Rahul on how did two lovebirds came to know each other. The friend revealed the story saying that Rahul Gandhi had received an email from Nigeria.

“The mail said that she was wife of a successful businessman who had died and she wanted to transfer all the money to a secure bank account. Rahul was excited and replied to the mail, and rest is history,” the friend revealed.