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Immigrants responsible for MNS' election rout: Raj Thackeray

21, Oct 2014 By frenchpasta

The Maharashtra New Sardard Navnirman Sena was wiped out in the recently concluded Maharashtra General Assembly Elections managing to win only one seat down from its previous hold on seven seats.

While the Congress party accepted the public’s decision with humility, the Thackeray clan welcomed the decision by congratulating and allying with their own egos.

Raj confidently showing the number of seats MNS won.
Raj confidently showing the number of seats MNS won.

Astonished by the complete wipe-out, Raj Thackeray came out all guns blazing and blamed immigrants for MNS’ election rout. “These immigrants have robbed us of our rightful claim on election victory,” he said angrily at a rally attended by Uddhav Thackeray, Aditya Thackeray and eight hired MNS workers.

He also blasted the BJP and the Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi by saying, “We don’t need immigrants to drive development. I alone am enough to develop Maharashtra.”

Even as Uddhav and Aditya clapped, Raj added, “It took us only eight years to release our vision for an autonomous Maharashtra. Once I win full majority, I will pull together an execution plan for that within the same timeframe.”

Quickly beginning the campaign for the next elections he further reminded the audience, now consisting of Uddhav Thackeray, Aditya Thackeray and one sleepy MNS worker about a key point in his manifesto which said he would introduce passports to regulate entry of immigrants into Maharashtra. This would include non-Marathi NSG commando who might have to enter Mumbai to save it from terrorist attacks perpetrated by people without passports.

Commenting on Raj Thackeray’s abrasive comments Rahul Gandhi added, “People think Rahul Gandhi will sit quietly and just watch as such comments are made. They are wrong. Rahul Gandhi will drive women empowerment in Maharashtra like never before.”

Meanwhile in Bihar, Nitish Kumar sat on a fast today to protest against the central government.  He announced adding graphic details, “Let the Modi wave come to Bihar next year. By the time it arrives, I will be so hungry, I will gulp down the entire wave into my stomach.”