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IITs ban eggs in hostels, students and opposition cry foul

04, Jun 2015 By chanakyan

Students had a surprise waiting for them on the first day of June across IITs in the country. Their favourite eggs were missing from the breakfast table. Barring IIT Guwahati, all the other IITs in the country has enforced a ban of eggs in its hostels, from 1st of this month. Our attempt to contact the spokesperson hardly yielded any information.

One of the mess secretaries of IIT Bombay on conditions of anonymity has provided us with a notification from the Ministry of HRD requesting directors of IITs to take action on an anonymous complaint received by the ministry about the consumption of egg in the prestigious technical institutions in the country.

Even though they resemble saffron in colour, they will be banned
Even though they resemble saffron in colour, they will be banned

The complainant has attached abstracts of a number of studies proving how bad eggs are for the health of its students. It also attributed the eggs as a cause for growing immorality in the country. By developing the ‘thamasika guna’s the egitarians are doing more injustice to the country.

The complainant also feels that the ban of eggs would put an end to the brain drain from the country. The egg culture is a British invention, to makes the Indians slaves to them, the letter says. The egg eating IITians escape to the West at the first possible opportunity, it adds.

The students upset about not getting their share of eggs in the menu is seen protesting silently in varying messes across IITs holding placards that says “down with fascism”, “IIT is not Shakha” etc.

The opposition parties held demonstrations outside the IITs today, accusing the MHRD of undermining the autonomy of the academic Institutions in the country. The principal secretary refused to return the calls of this reporter.

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani on Monday dismissed the charge that education under the present government was being saffronised and backed an education system that promotes a career in nationalist interests.

“I never ask students about the religion as we do not discriminate the right of a student to education on the basis of caste or religion,” the Minister said. If the IITs have banned a certain food, or added a certain part in their curriculum, it is totally up to them, as they are fully autonomous bodies.

“I do not dictate what they should or should not do. In fact, I haven’t got anything against egg eaters. I have just inaugurated the country’s largest egg park in Amethi yesterday,” she informed the press.