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IITian to become a chai wala

14, Mar 2014 By rckr

New Delhi: Amid speculations it is now confirmed that @cooldude_007 or Codu, an IIT Student will now be opening a Chai stall. According to sources CoDu said that he wanted to serve the people of this country and serving chai to his fellow citizens was the best way. He further added that he is determined to plunge into the welfare of the people and has already started serving chai.

Chai with IITian

It is been said that this decision had been taken by him for a successful political career. A senior leader said, “He is doing nothing but following the footsteps of his political idol Mr. NaMo. He is taking the beaten path”. It is expected that with this job profile he will be able to be in direct contact with Auto and Rickshaw walas and grow his reach.

A renowned critic had hinted him going into chai business after CoDu regularly went to college mess for chai biscuit. Chetan Bhagat has tweeted that he will be writing a novel on this story.

Meanwhile, AAP had accused CoDu of using excess water in his chai and looting the customers of their money. Mr AK said “Hum iss desk ke dabe kuchle log hai. Hume kya chahiye? Ek chai jo thakan dur karde aur maaza dilade. Chai banayi thi mere mummy ne, mere podos wali aunty ne, jo nahi kewal refresh karti thi par dil ko chujati thi. CoDu chai mein jyada paani milata hai. Kaun karega iski jaach? Kaun karega iski jaach?”

On asking CoDu what will be the tagline of his chai stall, he said “Serving tea with a SMILE “

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