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IIN bans a family group for forwarding WhatsApp messages against Modi

30, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai/ Chennai. Following the ban imposed by IIT-M on a student activist group who criticised beloved PM Modi, IIN has also imposed the ban on a family consisting of blind tards who used to generate and forward anti-social messages against Bhakton ki sarkaar.

The incident took place on Friday morning when instead of forwarding good morning messages on his family and office WhatsApp group, Mr. Satish Ghisodia ( Deputy Head of Ghisodia family, his adamant wife being the supreme Commander ), was found forwarding hatred messages against the भाजपा सरकार who was supposed to have its honeymoon period completed by now.

Talking to our reporters, Mr. Bachpan, Data and Administration head of IIN said, “We were tracking the WhatsApp forwards which consisted of words against Sangh Karyakartas, Modi ji, Amit ji and NDA, all over India. This spying permission was given to us by the Government itself. We were also trained for this job by none other than Pramit Shah. So when we found that Ghisodiya family was targeting BJP government day and night, we decided to remove their subscription from our esteemed C-School IIN.”

“Groups like India against Modi, Ek saal Feku ka, Foreign ki sarkaar (targeting Modi’s foreign trips) were found from the data extracted from Ghisodiya family’s WhatsApp” added Mr. Bachpan. This reason was sufficient enough for us to add one more ban to the Ban-Ban Yojna started by the government.

Asking Mr. Ghisodia how he was feeling after facing the ban, he said, “I am less worried about myself but more worried about my children who were part of family user group. How will they continue their education further. IIN was the only institute who takes admission irrespective of the marks scored in boards. My son got 93% this time which were far less than the marks required to show face in the society.”

Mrs. Ghisodia has gathered the WhatsApp group members and has decided to sit on a Dharna outside IINs Corporate office. Ghisodia family is expecting support from some minority groups as well.