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Ideas for Kejriwal bashing

21, Feb 2014 By MRP

Arvind Kejriwal has been criticized, mocked and ridiculed for his philosophy, approach and execution as well for every word he has uttered. Every politician worth his salt has abused him, every TV channel anchor has made fun of him, every corporate honcho – self-styled or otherwise – has ridiculed him, his own party members and ex-members have criticized him and even the Aam Aadmi has doubted him. When these people have nothing else to say about Kejriwal, except at the risk of repetition or plagiarism, here are some fresh ideas for Kejriwal bashing. To guess who is likely to use it is left to the reader.

Kejriwal’s dummy taking part in the dharna
Kejriwal’s dummy taking part in the dharna


  • He really didn’t have a cough, he was faking it to gain sympathy.
  • He who cannot cure himself of a simple cough, how can he solve Delhi’s issues?
  • Even his muffler is old, how can he have new ideas.
  • He who does not change his muffler, how can he change the system?
  • He did not participate in the dharna that night, it was his dummy.
  • He could not have withstood the cold on the night of the dharna. So either he was fake or the cold was fake.
  • He does not belong to Congress, how can he be sincere?
  • He propagates dysnasty rule, Somnath Bharti is his brother.
  • Doesn’t dress like politicians so he is not a good politician.
  • He has never defected parties, how can he be effective?
  • He didn’t study CBSE (my version of CBSE). So he cannot be good.
  • His degree certificates are fake.
  • His birth certificate is fake.
  • There is a spelling mistake in his name.
  • The name is actually Kraziwal. So he is not him.
  • While working, he went on sick leave but didn’t take medicine. How can he be a leader?
  • He still has not been relieved from his IRS job. He is not eligible to be a legislator.
  • He wanted to contest the Loksabha election, but contested the assembly election by mistake. So, he resigned as soon as he realized it.
  • He keeps changing his house often.
  • He was born in Haryana. What does he know about Delhi?
  • His anti-corruption agenda is relevant only because of corrupt people like us. Where would he be without us?
  • He has taken the Gandhi topi and written something on it. He should be arrested.
  • His car does not run on natural gas, why should he be bothered?
  • Has created a shortage of brooms. He is not concerned about women at all.