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I will not speak up on any election related issue : Manmohan Singh

10, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

New Delhi: What is your reaction over the results of elections in 4 states, asked Faking news reporter, but Manmohan Singh maintained his feature of horrific silence of the middle ages. Reporter asked again, sir do you have any view about “winning the vote of distrust” from people of 4 states. Manmohan then gave a resultant smile of a systematic silence, due to which our reporter managed to extract the statements out of his tongue-tied expressions.

Manmohan Singh
Analyzing possible reasons for defeat.

With the help of his voiceless expressions, our reporter predicted the statements for the given questions as:

Can you give us a facial expression on whether you think that Rahul Gandhi is somewhat responsible for the debacle of congress?                                                              

Manmohan slowly swung his face from center to left and left to right and then to center- to say that RG is not at all responsible. In fact, he has shown us the way of how to serve the country when out of power. He is a true leader and I would like to work under his patriotic leadership.

He then gave a rustic smile as an expression of welcoming Rahul Gandhi to even destroy the party at national level, if he wants.

Sir kindly mimic for what made you lose all 4 states?

Manmohan Singh brought both his eyeballs nearer to each other and as close as he could- to tell that, the party will introspect for the defeat won. Then nodded 3 times- to accept the defeat in Delhi, Rajasthan and MP, and made stringent face to tell “we fought very strongly in Chattisgarh”

After such results, what will be your strategy for 2014 elections?

Manmohan bit his middle finger’s nail, letting the reporter think something weird about him. But Manmohan meant that- “we will think about our next strategies and the dominance of middle finger when connecting with public”.

Manmohan then sucked in his right thumb after which Faking news reporter interpreted- “that Rahul Gandhi is the core point of their 2014 strategies”.

Sir would you please speak something about Shiela’s loss from Delhi congress? 

Manmohan took about 1/4th of his mouth’s saliva in his palm, rubbed below his eyes and across smooth cheeks- to tell the reporter, that he is very very sad for her.

Manmohan then started walking like a catty Robot towards his white ambassador car, Reporters gabbed Sir…sir…sir…one more question please…What responsibility would you like to hold as a PM?

Dr. Singh temporarily broke his permanent silence and frustratedly said “I will not ‘speak up’ on any election related issue, as this is party’s internal matter”.

Sir, this was the only first question other than elections, laughed reporters.

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