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"I want Modi to be my teacher", says Rahul Gandhi

30, Sep 2012 By Vibhijain

Someone may claim this to be Modi’s growing popularity, or Rahul Gandhi’s ever increasing babyishness, Congress’ so called mahasachiv and Rahul’ teacher Digvijay Singh has been fired from the post. In a media conference, Rahul Gandhi said that he wants Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to be his next teacher, stating Diggi’s poor performance in UP as the reason – “Mein Modi ki bahut bari admirer hu, and Diggi uncle ki UP mein fail ho zani ki baad mere paas aur koi chara nahi hai.”

This statement has caused a temblor in 10 Janpath, causing Sonia Gandhi  to issue a request to Modi. It says,”Maat ke sodagar Shri Modi ji, I kindly request you to admit my son Rahul Gandhi to your school.” Our Congress HQ sources tells that this request was prepared by Mira Kumar. When asked about this sudden development, Modi said that he is helpless when it comes to teach Rahul Gandhi, but he expressed his delight over the fact that his Vivekananda Yuva Vikas Yatra has enlightened youth all over India. Our reporter was surprised hearing this, as he didn’t thought that Modi considers 40+ guys as young!

However Congress spokespersons are giving different opinions over this. When we asked Jagdambika Pal over this issue, he said,”Rahul ji has taken this important step because he failed to understand that how the hell did Digvijay ji get to know that her majesty Sonia ji cried after seeing the pictures of the dead bodies of those terrorists who were killed in the Batla House encounter. There was certainly someone trying to peep in at Sonia ji’s privacy.” We preferred to clarify this from Renuka Chowdhury. We started our question with “Batla house encounter”, and before we could complete, she quickly put some glycerine in her eyes and started asking for napkins. Indian politics, Indian media and Indian daily soaps – they are unpredictable!

We went to Digvijay Singh in order to get his opinion over this and share our condolences, but he had nothing to say except his old and preferred dialogue – “I suspect Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh‘s hand in this!”