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'I took private jet to carry my WagonR and avoid travel in expensive cars: Kejriwal

10, Mar 2014 By Baawra Chhora

“People are saying that Gujarat is so good that it cured my cough and removed my muffler, I just want to clarify that all the cameras were Adani and Ambani agents and hence did not capture me coughing. As for muffler, I think Global warming has already started in Gujarat, so I had to take it off “, clarified a not-so-coughing Kejriwal at Delhi airport to the reporters .

Zooming to Gujarat.
Zooming to Gujarat.

On the infamous question of having taken private jet, the aam aadmi replied, “Dekhiye Sir, main toh mamooli aadmi hoon (I am nobody). I was seeing some tweet #YoGujaratSoDeveloped a few days back, so I thought in Gujarat there are only expensive cars and I brought my WagonR with me. But Sir, when I was going back, the car fuel tank got empty. As you all know,  all petrol pumps were Reliance, I had to transport my car back via this thing they call private jet. “

Kejriwal even said , he was not aware of the fact that mode of his travel was a private jet. He said, “Mein toh bahut chota aadmi hoon, meri koi aukat nahi hai jo mein janu ki Private Jet kya hota hai ji (Since I am a small man, I did not know that the transport mode was jet). But since I know that I travelled in Jet, I will now ask my partymen to do dharna against me, peacefully.”

Meanwhile over one of the news in leading daily “Kejriwal, who later drove to the airport to go to Jaipur , complained that Modi has no time for a common man like him “, one of the nobel Laurate tweeted, “If you thought only light has dual character, you are certainly wrong”