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"I avoided Rahul's marriage to maintain austerity" says Sonia Gandhi

19, Jan 2013 By kfi365

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s statement at the party’s Chintan Shivir generated varying responses from  the people within and outside the party. Speaking at the Shivir, she told in her speech, “Celebrating weddings, festivals, events is one thing, but what about the lavish, ostentatious display of wealth and status? Does this not beg to question – where is this wealth coming from? I hope we take this seriously and come up with solutions that we can accept and adhere to.”

Shocked after hearing the statement, the party’s senior leaders wanted clarifications from their leader and waited till dinner. At the dinner table, Madam Gandhi told the worried leaders, “I was making a veiled statement calling you all to hide your ill-gotten wealth in a safe manner and not display the same in any way that would attract public anger. I never asked you to stop your corrupt activities. We need funds for 2014 and your contribution is appreciated.” Most of the leaders felt relieved with this answer. However, sensing that a few of them were still not satisfied with her clarification, she became candid and said, “Do you people even know….. (period) that I avoided Rahul’s marriage to maintain austerity?”

This made all the jaws drop and that is when Kapil Sibal stood up breaking the silence and said loudly, “Nehru-Gandhi parivaar ne hamesha desh aur party ke liye tyag balidan karte aayi hai. Aaj hume pata chala ki medam ne Rahul baba ke shaadi ko bhi tyag kar diya. Isse zyaada hume kya chaahiye? bolo Rahul Gandhi zindabad. Rahul for PM…”

Hearing this, Rahul Gandhi who was sitting at a nearby table along with Digvijay Singh made an angry face and was about to hit the plate with his silver spoon passed down to him since generations. Diggy Raja immediately held his hand and calmed him down. Jyotiraditya Scindia appeared from nowhere along with his son and daughter and asked Rahul, “shaadi kab kar rahe ho yuvaraj? tum to mere senior they! dekh mere bachche bhi bade ho gaye.” An irritated Rahul decorated his face with a smile and responded, “main toh aise hi khush hu. waise bhi Priyanka-Robert ke bachche bhi mere jaise hai.

Rahul Gandhi with Priyanka's kids

One disgruntled leader told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, “What is the point in making money if we are unable to spend it on the lavish weddings of our children?  Look at the BJP, they are not in power and their President Gadkari himself set a lavish precedent… and our President wants us to maintaina a low key affair.”

Another leader who is also a minister said, “With the money I acquired in the UPA-II regime, I spent it on everything right from buying helicopters, bunglows, prime properties, platinum jewels and all the latest gadgets for my grandchildren. Still I have a lot of money left in my cofin. If I don’t spend it on my daughter’s wedding, I’m afraid it will get rot like the food grains in the Food Corporation of India. People are not fools to ask us the source of money. They all know it is their money.”

Seeing the media reports about Sonia’s call for austerity, a girl by name Sonikudi Gandhi (with a DP of Rahul Gandhi) on Facebook’s “We Love Rahul Gandhi” page made a declaration, “m reddy to marie Rahul :* Gandhi at low cost marrage. u guys ready? LIKE dis if u luv Rahul <3 Gandhi."  The post received 181 likes within an hour and even attracted harsh comments from a few male members (probably gays). It was learnt from our reliable sources that Shashi Tharoor as soon as hearing the word “austerity” typed on his new Nokia Lumia mobile’s twitter app, “Guys, its now time for cattle-class weddings :)”. When he hit “tweet”, he got an error message – “ERROR #023/Sibal: This tweet contains controversial words banned by your party. Please contact Kapil Sibal (@congresscensor) for more details.”

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