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Hundreds of "joke-makers" to go jobless as Indian elections come to an end

17, May 2014 By Kedar

As the country’s elections have now come to an end, with BJP securing the highest number of seats and Narendra Modi all set to become the next Prime Minister, Indian Twitter celebs, Facebook troll-page owners and Modi Bhakts have suddenly realized how jobless they will be.

Manmohan Singh
MMS before leaving.

Going by the forecasts, Rahul Gandhi is soon set to fly somewhere out of India to hide himself in shame to change systems and empower foreign women. So he would gradually stop being the butt of everybody’s jokes. Also, with no need of “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar” or other modifying jokes anymore, there is a sudden scarcity of topics for people to joke about on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.

“ND Tiwari got married, Alia Bhatt memes are just recycled yo-so-dumb jokes, IPL is about to end and Alok Nath jokes are a passé now. So yes, our jobs are in danger,” says Ankit Ahuja, owner of some-random-rofl-page on Facebook which has over 4K fans.

Stats also predict that the common man may suddenly start facing dislike towards social networking. Karan Gill, an actual aam aadmi, said, “To open up Facebook and just read about regular news and information will simply bore the people. Our news feeds are going to be back to ManU, Liverpool scores by self-proclaimed soccer fans or useless news items about actors whose movies are about to release.”

However, some joke-makers are seeing this as a scope for entry of new topics for Indians to laugh about. Vaibhav Bansal, a Twitter celeb with about 7K followers, said, “All is not over yet. There are still a lot of Bollywood actors and politicians who have strong potentials to be the butts of our jokes. We haven’t fully exploited Tiger Shroff yet. There’s still Digvijay Singh’s marriage to look forward to. Nevertheless, we will always have Kejriwal and Uday Chopra. And who says we have given up on Rahul baba? Congress might have, but we haven’t.”

Meanwhile, it’s not just Modi trolls that will go velle, Congress trolls face the same threat too. After “co-shouldering” the blame of this embarrassing defeat along-side Rahul Gandhi, even they would have nothing to talk about in a few days. Sources say that Sanjay Jha is handing over pink slips to all 420 paid dedicated Congress social-media workers.

On a positive side, AAPtards AAP social media workers will now have to put in more efforts. Vishwaas Sharma, an AAP member says, “Till now we just had to criticize Modi, Ambanis and Adanis. Now we have to find faults and blame these crores of people who have voted for Modi. Main bol raha hun… Narendra Modi aur ye karodon bhartiya, sab mile huey hain.”