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Hundreds of broken mannequin parts found behind 7 race course road

24, May 2014 By pradeepsarkkar

Manmohan Singh
One such mannequin.

In a shocking incident, cleaners at 7 race course road, the official residence allotted to the prime minister, have discovered hundreds of broken and disfigured mannequin parts in an unused well behind the sprawling bungalows. 7 race course road has been the official residence of the elected prime ministers for over the last 30 years. The bungalows were last renovated in 2004.

The cleaners were specially brought in to clean the bungalows and repaint it before the new prime minister moves in after the oath ceremony on 26th May.

Ramu kaka the man, incharge of the cleaners said, “Arre bhaiyya hum to bahut ghabra gaye pehle yeh sab dekh ke. Humko laga koi dead body hai. Phir paas jakar dekha toh pata chala yeh to koi putla ka parts hai. Door se dekho toh ek dum asli aadmi lagta hai“.

In most of mannequins the face was found to be destroyed completely, probably done intentionally to hide the identity of the mannequin.

Aisa lagta hai ki yeh ek hi admi ka putla hai par alag alag pose mey, jaise kisi mey baita hua toh kisi mey standing aur kisi mey papers sign karte hue. Zaroor koi important admi ka putla hoga, tabhi to white kurta pehna hai,” said Ramu Kaka.