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How Indians are reacting on no-monkey movement in parliament?

04, Aug 2014 By gandu123

As the news of deployment of monkey impersonators in Indian Parliament spread across the country, a number of people shared their views with us.

A mixed reaction came from citizens of India following the announcement by housing and urban development minister, Venkaiah Naidu that 40 professional monkey impersonators are deployed. A section of urban people, including some animal right groups believe that parliament is a natural inhabitant of monkeys and hon’ble urban development minister should immediately pull back his decision.

However some animal lovers are concerned about the fact that the monkey-population is parliament area is already very high and some monkeys need to be rehabilitated in another place, say Janpath, Ashoka Road, but in a more careful manner. One member of Delhi’s renowned monkey lover group “Bandar ki Bandar-baat” told us, “We should replace monkeys on a regular interval like we last did on 16th May. Every monkey has equal right to enjoy parliament facilities.”

Meantime, analyzing that monkey impersonating is going to become a popular job in coming days, a coaching centre was opened in Kota, Rajasthan. This centre is using a catchy quote: “Monkey: Key for Money”. Name of former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds, certified by Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh long back, was suggested as the head-coach. Bollywood actor Kader Khan is already appointed as the main instructor.

However following tradition, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal is planning to sit in a Dharna at Jantar Mantar on Monday against Govt.’s action. A close correspondent of Mr. Kejriwal mentioned, “This action against the sacred animal of Hindu is an attempt to woo Muslim voters. BJP is crossing all the limits to win election in Jammu & Kashmir. BJP se janta aab pak chuki hai (People are already annoyed by BJP now)”