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How can I allow my daughter to marry the son of an AAPtard!

11, May 2015 By burabandar

Love knows no boundaries – of caste, creed, religion, status & add to it political ideologies. & Yet it faces hurdles from everyone from parents to the unfriendly village-ly Khap. This is the story of Payal & Anurag. Payal, the daughter of a Kirana store in Delhi’s Pitampura fell in love with Anurag, the son of a DTC employee. Cupid stuck but so did the thunder. The parents refused outright when the kids asked them for permission.

It was surprising as all the parental requisites were met – same caste, but different gotra, boy working and girl fair. As it turns out, Payal’s father Jai Aggarwal has been a traditional BJP loyalist while Anurag’s father (Sandeep Bansal) as it turns out had just during the previous elections shifted his loyalties to AAP. Worse still, both the fathers wear these loyalties, just not on the sleeves but also over their heads. They have flatly & firmly refused to agree.

It should be Love. Dont get trapped by AAPtard!
It should be Love. Don’t get trapped by AAPtard!

Says Jai Agarwal, “Aap batao, kaise main apni beti ki shaadi ek AAPtard ke ladke ke saath kar doon. Chalo Congressi hota to ek baar soch bhi lete, shaadi karwake ke BJP mein Ghar Wapsi karwa dete, magar AAP wale? Ye kabhi nahi ho sakta hai. Kabhi nahi. Koi khandaani party dekhni chahiye this, ye log to achoot hain” (You tell me how can I allow my daughter to marry the son of an AAPtard? Had it been a Congress supporter family, then perhaps we could have thought about it – post marriage, we could have done Ghar Wapsi for them. This cannot happen. Never. She could have seen a boy belonging to a family that supports a ‘Khandani’ party; these people (AAPtards) are Untocuhables).

Sandeep Bansal too is all venting, “Sir Ji, BJP walon ki beti? Kya mujhe kale saanp ne kata hai kya jo iss shaadi ko tayyar ho jaon. Apne launde ko kuwanra rakh chodunga magar in Shaitan bhakton se rishta nahi jodunga. Dilli mein chuna lag gaya to ab paan ki thook chatna chahte hain.” (Sir Ji, what are you saying, agree to a daughter of a BJP household? Have I been bitten by a black cobra that I’ll get my son married to their family? Let my son sit at home as a bachelor, but I’ll never get him married to Bhakts of Shaitan. In Dilli, they were whitewashed, so now will even lick betel spit (in an obvious reference to BJP’s debacle in Delhi elections.))

Payal & Anurag on the other hand, are heartbroken. They cannot understand the reason for such fanaticism on the part of their dads when none of them actually even vote.