Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

How Arvind spied on Modi's nomination yatra

28, Apr 2014 By khakshar

With Mr. Modi filing his nomination from Varanasi on 24th of April after a grand procession through the lanes of the holy city, the think tank of AAP is a worried lot.

As always Ashutosh was first to jump the gun and shot that Buses were collecting people and paying them Rs.200 . When the citizen journalist asked the famous ex-anchor about how the vehicles transported people and also paid money, he coined a new adage “paid Bus”.

During the procession , Mr. Arvind , Mr. Ashutosh and Attorney Bharti were sitting on “dhyan” at “Assi Ghat” in Varanasi. It is also learnt that the trio vanished for some time (antardhyan) from the famous ghat.

During the procession three characters were seen in Mr. Modi’s high profile nomination yatra . While one was dressed as “Bharat Mata”, another was dressed at ShivJi , the third was dressed as Lord Hanuman. It has been learnt through undisclosed sources that the later two were Mr.Arvind and Mr.Ashutosh in disguise (as bahurupiya) . Yours truly also observed attorney Bharti standing on the Railway over bridge and playing “Spit the Farthest” with ten year old kids while keeping an eye on the procession.

Vellaa nad Bhangads of Kashi suspect that the lady dressed in attire of “Bharat Mata” might actually be “Shazia”