Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Honest Honest 1008 AK sir says the leaked video is fake

11, Mar 2014 By Sat Kumar Tomer

After watching the alleged leak video of talk between AK and PPB, a vigilant AK supporter Mannu (name changed to avoid the wrath of Modi fan on his FB page) rings AK.

AK: Jai aam aadmi Mannu: Jai aam aadmi. Honest Honest 1008 AK sir, there is a leaked tape which has gone viral on youtube of you planning strategy with PPB.

AK: Issue a statement that it is not my voice. Mannu: But Honest Honest 1008 AK sir, this is a video.

AK: Ah! Ok, that one. That was shot by using two cameras. Show screenshots from both the camera and say that they are different and prove them to be fake. Mannu: But Honest Honest 1008 AK sir, BJP IT team can immediately point out that it is just screenshot from two different cameras.

AK: Good point Mannu. Mannu is shocked what is good in it, but than he reminds of his early lesson of volunteering for AAP, that AK is always right.

AK: Point number 1, AK fan never believes in BJP team. Point number 2, add a note saying that fake video is created by BJP IT team, that way no AK fan will dare to believe it. Mannu: Thanks Honest Honest 1008 AK sir!

AK: One more point, also add some technical points like lips movement does not match with audio. Mannu: But … AK: Don’t worry there is no way an aam aadmi can find out if they are matching or not. Just go ahead. I am getting late for my next Dharna. And put the blackberry phone in his blue WagonR.

After this Mannu creates a page. you can see the page here.

Half an hour later, Mannu checks the FB and is happy that AK fan has now believed that the video is fake. Mannu again rings AK to give him the good news.

AK: Now what? Mannu: Honest Honest 1008 AK sir, just called to tell that our trick, sorry our truth has prevailed.

AK: Well done, Mannu. I knew it. You deserve to get awarded. Mannu: HH1008 AK sir, I am a volunteer and do not need reward.

AK: How dare you to say no to me. I invite you for the dinner tonight. I charge others 20,000, but as you have done a great job, I will charge you only 10,000.

Mannu has no other option but to go for dinner. After the dinner, Mannu posts on FB, his receipt of 10,000 donation to AAP, and a picture of him having Dhokla (which AK brought from recent trip to Modi’s Gujarat) with HH1008 AK.