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Home Minister of India warns Pakistan sternly this time: Cross border terrorism stops

03, Aug 2015 By MRP

New Delhi: After years of sending out normal warnings to Pakistan against their promoting cross border terrorism, India issued a “stern” warning this time, after the Gurdaspur incident. India’s Home Minister took this unprecedented and bold but severe step today when he warned Pakistan that India will take action. His statement read “I want to warn Pakistan that we will not tolerate their mischief. We will protest against them. We will take action on them. We know they are behind terrorist acts. We will not tolerate this anymore. We can’t remain patient anymore. We will make them pay for it. We will retaliate. We want their friendship abut not at the cost of our security. It is a stern warning this time.”

Home Minister issuing a stern warning to Pakistan
Home Minister issuing a stern warning to Pakistan

The Pakistanis have become terrified a lot. The whole country has been shaken by India’s warning. All potential infiltrators have vacated their hideouts and infiltration at the border has come to a halt. The alarmed Pakistani army personnel have retreated from their positions. Members of terrorist organizations and their leaders have gone underground. Fearing strikes, all big cities have been evacuated and people have fled to the mountains. The Pakistani PM has been constantly calling up the Indian PMO for an appointment so that he can shake hands and make peace. He is reported to have told his cabinet colleagues “India means business. They have become bold now. Let us give up Kashmir. Kashmir was always a part of India and it is we who came out of India.”

The Home Minister meanwhile received accolades from most quarters including some opposition parties, for his drastic step. The Prime Minister himself has congratulated the Home Minister saying, “Bold step taken. This shows our government means business. Never have such words been used in a message to Pakistan. Earlier governments were soft on terror. Not us.”

However, some people are finding fault with the above move, like See-Saw Tharoor, a prominent member of the opposition party, who has been see-sawing between praising the government and criticizing it. Having been admonished by his party high command for praising the government, See-Saw changed tracks and said, “How can we be so harsh to our neighbors. We could have simply warned them like we did for the last fifty years. This is state sponsored terrorism on another country.” Another prominent and well respected citizen Asaduddin Oh-I-See, saw the matter from a different angle. He said, “This is a communal move. Pakistan is being treated this way because of religion.” The extremely popular and most unbiased TV debate host Arnab Comeswami demanded on his show, “The nation wants to know why it took so long for the government to say these words.”

Meanwhile Indians in general are happy that a monumental problem has been solved by a few simple words and they don’t have to worry about terrorism anymore.