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Hoard of sadhus make a beeline to PMO

08, Apr 2014 By rishi123

A highly reliable source has told us that a hoard of Sadhus who usually appear only during the KumbhMela paid a visit to the Prime Minister’s Office seeking appointment with the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.

On being asked the reason for such sudden need to meet PM, the head of the Sadhus, said that God can be sought in silence, and therefore they had come to seek the epitome of silence itself, Sri Manmohan Singh.

The Head Sadhu further mentioned that, “In addition to the amazing silence he maintains in utter chaos, he is so detached that he keeps staring at one place amidst the hue and cry of Parliament, which is indeed a metaphor for life itself. We also seek to know from the Master if it is God that has made himself visible, at whom he stares while sitting in Parliament. Even while holding the most responsible position in the country, he is so detached that we feel, he has nothing to do with this government or for that matter, the country or the world.”

Sources also mention the bizarre incident that took place later. It seems that the once the appointment was sought,  the Secretary let them inside the Office of the PM himself. After some time, all the Sadhus came out looking extremely satisfied and said, “It was indeed more magnificent than we imagined. He just sat on his chair. Not for once did he move his head or even his eye. There was total silence, total peace. We just sat there, closed our eyes and realized this was even more peaceful and cut-off than caves in the mountains where we are disturbed by birds animals.”

However, unfortunately, the Sadhus were not let to stay in the Office, despite begging and then threatening curses, as the Secretary received message that the Sadhus should be taken out immediately as it may hurt secular sentiments.