Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Hema's views overlook sheer laxity

31, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: She is in every way an elected representative. Then how could she make an irresponsible assertion regarding the recent days’ fire tragedy in Mumbai? None even dreamt of this catastrophe as had been seen during the Elphinston footbridge stampede. That was connected with the railways and this remained linked with the BMC.

The losses of lives were reported that time and more than 18 have also lost their lives at present episode.

Amid the misfortunes happening at intervals, there seems to have not been taken considerable corrective controls. In spite of that persisting situation, we were compellingly seeing the tragic unpleasant incidents over and over again. If an elected representative cannot resist her proclivity just, it would never be taken as an appropriate urge.

She would have spoken with a good matured laugh but her mouth did not make ideal words regarding the Kamala Mills blaze. Would you like that, wouldn’t you? Many would have turned on by her reactionary statement.

The BJP MP Hema Malini appeared to be something irresponsible that is something not cool and brilliant. She made a rather controversial statement over tragedy. She has connected the tragedy with the growing population of Mumbai.

She said that the population is so much; the city is spreading like anything. Some restrictions should be done on the population. Each city should have certain population/limit, after that they should not be allowed. Then let them go to another city. But the fire engulfed the pub portions owing to a paucity of the safety norms.

The pub management even overlooked the customers’ safe exit at the time of the fire. The blaze starting at 12.30 am at the terrace pub reached the third-floor Mojo pub. There was intense suffocation owing to smoke gathered inside. It was a case of sheer negligence and casualness.