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"He sat on dharnas if his marks were not increased!" recalls Kejriwal's school teacher

12, Feb 2014 By richa1007

Its been more than a couple of decades now and still over 6 teachers remember Arvind Kejriwal’s childhood days. Not as a teachers pet – but actually quite the opposite.

Mrs. V Shukla, Kejriwal’s 4th standard class teacher recalls, “Of course I remember Arvind. Even when he was tiny he wanted things done his way. I remember once he sat on an anshan because I didn’t make him the class monitor. He skipped his lunch tiffin for 4 days! I just had to declare him the monitor. He hasn’t changed much…” she said with a smile.

Young Kejriwal

“He was always coughing,” said his P.T. teacher, “Whenever it was time for sports class he came to the ground wearing a muffler.. coughing so loudly that I had to send him away. He always found a way to avoid what he disliked!,” smiled Ms. Chopra.

But not all his teachers have very fond memories of Arvind Kejriwal. He was a troublesome child for some!

His 7th standard science teacher, Mrs. Gupta has something else to say, “He was a nightmare! Everytime he didn’t score well in his science paper he would threaten to resign as class monitor and sit on dharna if his marks were not increased!”

His class teacher also added, “For one of the house elections, he went around campaigning with the assurance that he will deliver free water to everyone’s water bottles from the nearest water cooler and also, going to the toilet without teacher’s permission is a birth right! This move baffled the principal and senior teachers who had no option but to give in due to overwhelming student support!”

Sources told us that Kejriwal also created a ruckus in 12th standard challenging the school administration and canteen operators to give out ‘cola chuskis’ and ‘samosas’ at subsidized rates.