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Hate Speeches by Owaisi and Togadia are sponsored by Sonia: Swamy

05, Feb 2013 By bwoyblunder

Subramaniam Swamy has come out with startling allegations that recent Hate Speeches by Owaisi and Togadia are in fact a strategy of Sonia Gandhi. He claims that by sparking off riots between Hindus and Muslims, the only community which will benefit is Catholics. Hindus and Muslims will kill each other and the country will be free to be ruled by Catholics, Swamy says.

Swamy continues that this was Sonia’s gameplan all along, right from the time she married Rajiv Gandhi. He further alleges that he has got proof that funding for all such activities comes from the Catholic Church in Italy, and hence Sonia never gave up her Italian Citizenship.

In the same breath he went on to continue that money from 2G Scam etc was also routed to Italian churches through Swiss Accounts.  He claimed the said amounts were withdrawn from Swiss banks and sent on trained, unmanned Horses/Unicorns to Italy.

A proof submitted by Swamy on Twitter

“First it was the Mughals, then the British, and now the Italians want control over India. The Two Indian Fishermen killed by the Italian Navy, were in fact Indian RAW agents, who had access to some of these plans of the Italians, on how to attack India, hence they were killed”, stated Dr Swamy, in a press conference. He also said that these were part of Modern Conquests by the Church.

Dr Swamy has also uploaded a video on Youtube which has a slideshow regarding the above mentioned allegations. The video is narrated by a Adobe Acrobat’s “Read Out Aloud” feature, as is the fashion with most low-cost conspiracy theory videos.