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Haryana government’s new strategy for women safety: Ban education for women

25, Jul 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

Rohtak: With the recent incident of a woman being raped twice in a span of 3 years by the same set of culprits, the Haryana government has come under severe criticism. Women safety in Haryana was always a topic for debate, but now it has reached new levels of heinousness. The hard working and intellectual politicians of Haryana spent lot of time, in fact 10-15 minutes in the last decade to address the issue. Finally, at a meeting held at the Chief Minister’s office, a new strategy has been formulated.

"Beti Padhao, Rape badhao": Claims, Haryana Govt
“Beti Padhao, Rape badhao”: Claims, Haryana Govt

The chief minister has blamed women education for the increase in incidents pertaining to sexual abuse across the state. According to him, women attending colleges and educational institutes are vulnerable to such attacks. Most of the state law and order machinery has been directed towards protecting cows and providing security to the intellectuals in the state assembly. This leaves a very miniature police force for protection of people. One of the MLAs also went on to add that number of cows in the state is less compared to the number of women, so it is their duty to devote more time towards the cows.

Banning women education in the state will leave no women on the roads and public places, which will help reducing attacks directed at them. Taking the example of Salman Khan, the Haryana government thinks that- in the modern world many people feel like a raped woman, and it’s difficult to provide security to all. Next month onwards, registration of women in the educational institutes across the state will be banned and any women found in public places will be fined a hefty amount to tackle the menaces.

The chief minister has assured that with this approach, the state will become no.1 in women safety, come 2050. However, The National Commission for Women has come out in strong opposition of the new rule which, they say, will reduce women literacy in the state, already as low as that of Bangladesh. Addressing the concern, the government has promised free data up to 50 Mb for all the girls on their mobile phones, to take up courses offered by IIN. Well, this seems to be the only way forward and we should thank the Haryana government for taking such well thought of action!