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Very happy to see Akhilesh and Rahul watch Chota Bheem together: Sonia Gandhi

21, Feb 2017 By The Dalai Dose

New Delhi: Keeping politics aside, the happiest person due to the alliance of Congress and Samajwadi party is none other than Sonia Gandhi. When our reporter Pagal Patrakar asked her views on the alliance, she happily replied, “Earlier Rahul Baba Bohot tang kiya karta tha.. full time todfod, rona dhona, lame statements and dumb acts. But things have changed after he became friends with Akhilesh. They both watch Chota Bheem together now. They enjoy each other’s company. I am very happy. My tensions have reduced.”

It seems both the Gandhi and Yadav familes are liking each other. Dimple Yadav was also spotted discussing issues of national interest with Rahul Baba. They both were helping each other in framing each others’ parliamentary speeches. The families have developed such closeness that Sonia even called Priyanka on her mobile. “Arre o Priyanka, election aa gye. Saree Nikal le Almari se. Dimple ke saath jaake Dry clean ke liye de aa.“, she was reported as instructing Priyanka.

When our reporter asked Mulayam Singh Yadav on what he thinks on Akhilesh watching Chota Bheem with Rahul, he proudly said, “Ab hum kya kahe bhai. Boys will be Boys. Jo marzi dekhe. Chahe wo Chota Bheem ho ya Spiderman. Hamari cycle bhi toh Akhilesh le gya, Tabhi ye cycle ke chakker mein Rahul ne dosti kar li. Sach mein Boys will be Boys “. Though Mulayam was speaking in Hindi, our reporter had to get it translated again to Hindi to understand what he was speaking.