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What happened for Gujarat RS seats not a murder of democracy: All parties

10, Aug 2017 By holy devil

Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide. — John Adams

It all started that fateful morning when a senior leader from Gujarat chose part ways from Congress. After that, political strategies and plans started moving in the background, faster than Usain Bolt’s legs. One might argue that the ever eager for power BJP made the first move with 3 Congress MLA’s joining BJP. As as a veteran of politics who was in core committee that invented horse trading, Congress too started moving its pawns.

The other side of the story
The other side of the story

It resulted in a lavish stay in Benguluru followed by an IT raid. On the day of election drama unfolded was of an awesome political drama from Hollywood or a political drama from Bollywood that was artfully copied.

Moves counter moves from both the parties; to an outsider it was as if it was an ego trip and show of power from both the sides. But an insider, on the strict conditions of anonymity, anonymously confirmed through their anonymous sources that it was nothing more than playing counter strike in real life.

“In this version of counter strike, there are no guns, bombs or heroes. We only kill dreams, aspirations and hopes of the millions who voted for them. We usually keep the violent version reserved for Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.” The insider then asks “Now, tell me how is it that killing democracy?”. He continued “Murder of democracy happens only in the media”, he said, he laughed and walked away.