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Half yearly report card of PM Arvind Kejriwal

09, Jan 2014 By hemant73

Date: 01.12.2014 at 2100 hrs.

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Prime Minister Arvind Kejrival whose Aam admi Party came into power in June 2014 presented the report card for six months of governance under his government. Viewers would recall that the aam admi party came into power with just 72 seats in the current lok sabha. It has external support from the congress with 56 seats and other secular like minded parties to bring up the required numbers. The BJP with 215 seats is the principal opposition party.

The Prime Minister said that there were many achievements of his government during the last six months. Inspite of the economy not doing as well as expected the government has been able to provide more subsidies and doles to the aam admi going towards the dream of achieving a fully welfare state in the coming 10 years where every need of the aam admi would be fulfilled by the government. The unemployment rate would stop mattering because the people would not need to work at all because everything would be paid by the government as long as you consumed everything in prescribed limits. The middle class and the rich could afford to pay the 30-50% increase in the prices of commodities since they were consuming beyond the prescribed limits.

The prime minister said that the security environment is going to improve in the country by leaps and bounds by the steps taken by the government. The Home minister, Mr.Manish Sisodia has decided that from next month onwards all drivers of commercial and passenger vehicles need not wear any Uniforms or carry any identification badges or papers on their person. This will not only prevent corruption and harassment of these people by different enforcement agencies but would also ensure that public transport is available in large numbers at all points of time throughout the country. Incidentally, these are the same people who supported the aam admi party in a big way during the last elections. The other measures include a total ban on migration of people from one part of the country to another. The steps to achieve this have already been taken by way total ban in admissions of outsiders in Schools and colleges of all metro cities in the country. The government also proposes to ban the migration of workforce in the same way which will generate employment for the people already living in the area. This will also result in a drastic reduction in the cost of transportation and other logistics for these people.

In another development The Prime Minister said that the Defense Minister Mr. Prashant Bhushan has now come up with a brilliant idea to stop all kinds of conflicts in our neighborhood. He claims that if implemented properly, it would make the defense ministry totally redundant in a few years saving billions of dollars for the country. The Government proposes to start a SMS referendum in the state of Jammu and Kashmir on whether the people there would like to stay with India or accede to Pakistan. Since most people in Jammu region and Leh Ladakh and more than 50% people in the Kashmir valley don’t want to go to Pakistan, the government has decide to make the referendum fair to the Pakistanis. All people of Jammu and Kashmir including Kashmiri Pandits and all Pakistanis can vote in this referendum. This would settle the matter once and for all and all hostilities with Pakistan would come to an end. Similarily, A referendum can also be held in the state of Arunachal Pradesh on whether they want to stay with us or China. But since no one is ready in Arunachal Pradesh to accede to China and being fair to our Neighbor the Government has decided to give administrative control of Arunachal Pradesh to China for a period of 5 years so that they can send in millions of Han Chinese before the referendum. These two steps taken together will ensure peace and prosperity in the region for the years to come. The Prime Minister said that they have already spoken to their alliance partners including the Congress Vice president staying permanently at an unknown destination in Europe in this regard.

The Prime Minister said that the Union Information and Broadcasting minister Mr.Kumar Vishwas has instructed all Channels of Radio and Television including channels like Discovery and National Geographic to broadcast at least one hour of Desh Bhakti songs produced by his Company every day. This will not only imbibe a sense of pride towards our nation in our people but also ensure that Mr.Vishwas is seen on all channels everyday. The ministry is also coming up with an Ordinance where it would be criminal offense to ask uncomfortable questions to the panelists of The aam admi party. It was seen during the run-up to the previous Lok sabha elections that the Aam Admi Party panelists either had to leave the discussions mid way or did not bother to enter the debate anticipating uncomfortable questions.

The Prime Minister said that the Minister for Social Welfare Mr. Yogender Yadav has proposed a Bill which would be put up during the current session of Parliament to increase all reservations to 80%. The Bill also proposes 50% reservation for Maoists in the Indian Army. This will encourage them to join the army and will reduce the cost of training borne by our defense forces. Also the Maoists may not have to travel too far to create mayhem when they want.

The Prime Minister said that the Sports Minister Miss Rakhi Birla has banned all sports including Cricket which involve the use of balls less than 10” in Diameter. It is a big security hazard and can be used by kids as small as 5 year old too. Even the US is planning to ban firearms in their country he added.

Reporting on the health ministry, he said that the health minister is on tour of all government run hospitals for the past six months and is likely to take another 1-2 years to visit all of them before he can decide what needs to be done in each of the hospitals to make them better than the private run hospitals. He said that he is hopefull that they would be able to bring major reforms in this sector once the Health Minister gives his report.

And finally on the economy, the Prime Minister said that although the economy is not doing very well right now but he is hopefull that things would improve in the near future. He said that his government does not propose to bring in any new taxes in the coming Budget session because although the productivity of our people would go down in the coming years due to the free doles offered by this and the previous government, there would be no major effect on the finances of the government due to the above mentioned cost savings.

One major failure which he pointed out in his report was that the government has still not been able to find a suitable accommodation for him and his ministers resulting in the Prime Minister’s residence and office being shifted to Ghaziabad and even the other ministers are operating from their residences in their respective states. But that is also a major cost saving exercise since all of them are operating from their residences. It’s another matter that all the bureaucracy and other officials have also had to shift to the cities of their respective ministers.

In another news the leader of the opposition Shri Narendra Modi visited the caves of Ajanta and Ellora on the eve of the final hearing in the Supreme Court against section 377. The BJP leadership is set to decide in a late night meeting with the RSS top brass whether to close the caves permanently for the next 100 years or to support the government on this matter.