Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Gujarat politics shifts its course

23, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Gujarat’s politics is not like UP politics. One experienced politician with firm leanings towards the communist party indicated of the sign of undercurrent in the Gujarat politics. While another senior leader of the Congress party said that the state’s three well-known boys were bent upon bringing the likely change in the state politics. Further, the BJP spokesperson ably pointed out why our party should be perplexed at the three boys’ proximity with the ‘beaten’ party. When the two boys together could do nothing rewarding in the last UP elections for themselves, the possibility of any better result in Gujarat polls seems dismal. However, they are least aware of the difference.

Even Kejriwal handled Aam Aadmi Party is supposed to be changing its political direction. If nothing averse would be coming to the forthcoming assembly elections at the state, what will the rising numbers of visits of party’s most accepted face suggest? If we reckon up the precise total it turns into the third visit in this ongoing month and ninth time in this current year thereby bringing a total of dozen visits in the past about 15 months. The amplified regularity in the visits is clearly a key part of the BJP’s poll strategy.

Hardik Patel, Chhotu Vasava, Alpesh Thakor and Jignesh Mavani are those young time-honoured leaders who are relentlessly raising their respective strong voices for their respective community causes. They certainly are emerging as the challenging factors for the party in power at Gujarat. The Congress is still a strong party to face the regional clout of BJP. The Patidars are dismayed with the ruling party. They have also criticised the Congress for not siding with them at adverse situations. They have vociferously declared their fight for the demand of reservation. The state’s sixteen crore people are seeing everything with all hopes.