Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Gujarat Model losing its charm!

03, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The Bhartiya Janata Party’s Gujarat model so far has brought satisfactory benefits in the past months but now leaves the party’s proud politicians nothing but confused with their pulsating nerve endings waiting to be strung. It also somewhere gives an impression of losing its established flashy charm behind the emerging young Turks on the political horizon of the Gujarat politics. The crowd surging at the Patidaar quota stir leader Hardik Patel’s election rally is another instance of the public’s avowal to their leadership.

They are definitely backed by the Congress party led by a 47-year-old-not-so youth leader. They seem to have established themselves as the mass leaders. Their manly bone structures, unique sense of humour, blunt confidence and unexpected warmth among the Gujaratis have compelled the main ruling party to realise the brunt.

This was someway noticeable during the television debate among the BJP leader KK Sharma, RSS thinker Avinash Awasthi, Congress leader Akhilesh Singh and pro-Hardik politician Amit Patel. Though they were discussing the topic with one another, none of them looked biased any longer at that time. What Amit Patel exposed was enough to establish fading shine of the much-publicised Gujarat model. His various instances in regard to the different election results showed the dwindling radiance of the development logic.

The ruling party’s constant downward poll graph in Gujarat, as was revealed by the pro-Hardik leader, gave a sufficient amount of pain to the BJP leader attending the discussion. While on the anchor’s query of the frequent use of the Uttar Pradesh corporation election results in that state’s assembly polls, the Rashtriya Swaymsevak Sangh scholar shuddered a bit though he successfully changed the course of response. Both the bespectacled personalities looked like the distressed political leaders.

Oddly enough the model that successfully worked in the Hindi heartland is looking as if not working much vigorously in its birthplace. Top order saffron leaders are struggling hard to wade through the looming risk of whatever they would have been imagining. Though the two prominent Young Turks accepted very clearly if they would not win the assembly polls, their struggle for the people’s cause would not stop altogether.

They did not even scruple to participate in a direct debate with the Gujarat’s apex BJP leaders. They are moving forward with their set agenda but the saffron leaders seemed to have been evading their face-to-face challenges. There is such spirit when they indulge in resting before devouring their staunch opponent after more than two long decades.