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Gujarat Congress goofs up Rahul Gandhi's photo with Amul Baby's

29, Nov 2012 By gunnyboy

Rahul Gandhi as Amul Baby
The latest ad released by Gujarat Congress to impress voters

In another goof up, the Congress party mistakenly used Amul Baby‘s photo instead of Rahul Gandhi’s in Gujarat campaign. The advertisement by the opposition Congress party that was published to raise awareness on various failures of Narendra Modi led BJP govt was supposed to feature the photo of future PM of India.

Instead, their PR agency ended up putting Amul Baby’s photo in the advertisement, showing Amul Baby as the future PM and India’s only hope.

Previously, Congress had shown a malnutritioned child from Sri Lanka and blamed Narendra Modi for it and also shown a farmer from Rajasthan – a state which they rule – and shown that being of a poor farmer from Gujarat.

This goof up was first spotted by Faking News and our reporter immediately rushed to Amul Baby….. errr….. Rahul Gandhi for reaction. “I had lunch as a part of my community service in a dalit home in Gujarat. Later when nature called, I asked for a bigger roll of toilet paper. They said they did not have bigger roll, and the news shocked me”.

Another Congress ad in which a farmer from Rajasthan is shown as Gujarati farmer

He added, “We expected BJP to support us on this issue as we supported them by providing much bigger rolls of toilet paper each to all MPs when they came for UPA sponsored dinner last week. I decided it was time to assume number 2 position in UPA and defeat the communal forces that do not even provide bigger toilet paper rolls to aam aadmi“.

When Faking News reporter asked Rahul Gandhi what the relation was between toilet paper and ad goof up, Digvijay Singh accused Faking News reporter of being an RSS agent for asking such questions.

Arjun Modhwadia, the Congress chief of Gujarat however was quick to defend the ad goof up. He said that the reason why they mistakenly used Amul Baby’s picture was because the “real picture is far more disturbing“.

“Pictures may be different, but characteristics are same”, he said.

Arvind Kejriwal was quick to jump on this issue and released an exposé on somebody. “Amul is no more a cooperative society, but is a company that supplies Amul Baby cartoons to the country that are of no use to aam aadmi“, he said adding, “BJP-Congress bhai bhai. They both use bigger rolls of toilet paper that aam aadmi cannot afford. They also convert milk companies into cartoon making companies. We demand ban on all cartoons from all parties including Aam Aadmi Party”.

“If I were ruling, I would ban myself for being a cartoon”, said Kejriwal.

BJP meanwhile quickly issued a statement defending Nitin Gadkari.