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Guinness Records to be made part of GDP calculation, India’s GDP to grow at double digit after the National Yoga Day

23, Jun 2015 By chanakyan

Adding a twist to the already confusing GDP calculation and the resulting downgrade of the growth projections, the Union Finance Minister announced today that a new methodology of GDP calculation incorporating the Guinness book of world records is in the anvil.

“Trial calculations using the new methods takes our development by leap and bounds ahead of the other nations,” he said in a press conference announcing the new decision. The latest national record of Yoga alone is capable of bumping up the GDP by 3 percentage points, taking the GDP growth to double digits.

The new GDP growth rate would be announced after the nations receives the formal certificate from the Guinness Record Authorities.

Opposition and leading economists of the country cried foul at the announcement, and alleged that it is a hogwash to cheat the nation. “This government has made the nation an object of ridicule in the world,” said Mr Yechuri of the CPI.

Congress leader, doing a padayatra in the Chattisgarh region tweeted “the suit boot sircar is becoming a Guinness selfie government”.

“The whole Guinness record obsession is very juvenile. A responsible government should focus of development than on joomla. While speaking about records, India holds a number of world records on illiteracy, IMR, poverty etc, which we are not very proud of. So let us follow some global standard economic procedures to understand economic development as the rest of the world does,” said Yogesh Yadav.

RSS and Sangh Parivar too are seems to be peeved at the development. “What is the use of the Angrezy log to come and certify us every time?” quipped a senior leader under the condition of anonymity. “India is a very ancient nation and culture and we are proud of it, we don’t want the West to certify and approve everything we do,” he added.

Mani Shankar Iyer tweeted that “it is time we add dushyant’s company to the Sensex,  the weighted average of the appreciation would have exploded sensex,” taking a pot shot at the ongoing Vasundhra Raje Lalit Modi scandal.